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Get Steam Wallet Gift Codes FAQ

This site will allow you to get Unused Steam Wallet Codes which will be scanned and delivered instantly to your email. Just choose which Steam Wallet code you want then follow the instructions to redeem the code and use it at your own disposal. 

Why do I need a Steam code and how do I get it?

With Steam Wallet code you have received in your email and you can purchase any games or items through your account on Steam. YOu can even get Dota 2 items you love so much all over the Steam store. To redeem it just select amount of Steam wallet by pressing the "Select" under the card you want on the top of this page.

Are the Steam Wallet Gift Codes safe to use? 

The answer is YES! All codes are scanned and manually checked so that there is no any harmful data where you can use it securely. To use it just download a text file in your email containing the Steam Codes you have just generated from this site.