Frequently Asked Question

Code Replacement

There's no chance of code replacement! They're all provided by our system automatically. Hence, there's a chance to recieve already used codes. This is beacuse our system stucks sometimes and therefore forgot to dump old/already claimed codes from our database. 

Offer Accomplishment 

There's no issue wth the offers that we could fix. It is a;; third-party and we can only replace them with different one. If the offer you've been trying to accomplish tells you "it is completed", it doesn't always mean it will unlock the file. You could either wait 2 minutes before you close the offer or simply try to put real information to unlock the code. Offers communicate with our server. If our server receive postback from the offer. file will be triggered and unlocked. Otherwise, offer isn't completed successfully and file will remain locked. 

Blackliste IP Address 

You have accomplished more than three offers per 24 hours. so your IP address arrice on our blacklist. This can be removed if you can contact us and briefly explain why you offers too quick. 

Steam Wallet Gift Code Request

Unfortunately you're unable to request Steam Wallet Gift from us. We can't just send you a code, because it is all automated and we do not manage codes at all. In order to get a cod, you will have to comeplete our short offers like installing apps and completing easy surveys.

Steam Wallet Gift Code Country-Dependency

You may use our Steam Wallet Gift Card codes in any country. There's nothing that could be wrong, so what country you from is not a problem to claim our codes. Every country can use our codes.